Hi, I’m Caelan Huntress.

Welcome to my personal website.

Who I Am

I am the proud father of three children. We homeschool them with a Waldorf-inspired approach, encouraging their curiosity to be the guide of what to study and explore. The wonderful mother of these fine children is my beautiful wife, Johanna. She is the light of my life, the star by which I guide myself in this world.
I put myself through school by selling my ideas in AP style. With the birth of the Internet, I transitioned from journalist to blogger. My content is for hire, as a ghostblogger or online personality. Links to some of my projects are below.
As an ex-acrobat, I find that ‘normal’ sports don’t offer me the challenge I need to keep sharp, both physically and mentally. However, Parkour is a young man’s sport. I’m nearly 40, which makes me twice as old as some of my freerunner friends. I’ve probably only got a couple more years left, and then I will have to retire from this sport again and find a new obsession.
My tagline is, ‘I make things happen.’ The place where I make them happen is online. My business, Pura Vida MultiMedia, is all about the three things I like doing most: web design, content marketing, and videography. You can see my portfolio here.
After spending a decade on the stage, I learned how to electrify an audience with a message. My workshops are practical, insightful, and entertaining. I speak about Selling Your Stuff Online, Waking Up Early, Powerful Communication Tools, and Habits Of Excellence.
I once spent a summer dressed up as my alter ego, Danger Man. It was the greatest failure of my life – and in a life like mine, that’s a pretty high bar. This project was the adventure of a lifetime.

What I Do

I Help Working Dads Find Balance

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